What The Hell With My Teacher?

Saturday, 05.04.2011

I came to my English course as usual. Being soooo bored, because that was an exam week. It was better to go home and read materials rather than came to English course, and did some IELTS test, again. HUFT. But my mom told me not to postpone that meeting, so I came to the course with grumpy feeling. LOLs. I drop my face and pretend to be serious, heard another cheesy jokes from my teacher. 

Our course supposed to began at 01.00 PM and end at 03.00, but in the middle of the class, suddenly my teacher skipped his conversation and asking me for an funny question.
"Er, what kind of place do you think right for chat?" 

"Starbucks?" I suggested. I just joking. It was popped out from my mind, and I thought that was only a joke. 

"Oh, yeah. That sounds interesting. We can go after we finished our materials today, then."

WOW! I was speechless. 

"Cynthia, does your father mind to pick up at 04.00 so we can spend our time at BIP. There's Starcbucks at BIP right?"

I couldn't nod. My head stuck. "Sir, I think that was a joke."
"Oh, no, I'm serious. This is our last meeting, we're gonna have break for 3 weeks later. So I want to invite you in a chat. Do you mind?"

I laughed by my self. LOL.



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