Lousy Weekend

Okay, I supposed to prepare for my English course this weekend, but suddenly, yesterday the receptionist called me and told that today I got no course again. LOL. Yeah, I confess that my English skill has degraded a lot recently, but I attempt to build up and catch up some new vocabularies through the movies.
People may call me as an Asian addict, but actually, I'm not soooo Asian *cough*. I always late for the latest news of Korean gossip that because for my bro' keep watching [V] during the day. All I can listen to is Western. I got back to my basic fandom; Westlife, BSB, etc. But, today.. I thought it's been a long time ago since I heard to Korean songs. 

The final year makes me sick. Everyday is homework. All over again. There's no day with novels, laptop, and all my philosophy was running outta my head. But, today is weekend. I supposed to get some rest, besides tonight there will be birthday bash at Sierra. 

So here's the last. I made a new poster again this morning. It's still fresh and new, and the important thing; it's BIG BANG. I must endure for my blending skill lately. Yeah, I planned to go to design faculty for university. I still doubting for it, but I thought I will enjoy my job, instead of I study for math and physics.



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